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More styles and colors than you can imagine, and some nice people to help you.

It's one thing to look at design ideas on a web page or on a TV show. It's quite another to see flooring materials in person. Run your fingers through carpet. Feel the texture of wood or vinyl. Watch glass gleam in the light. Plus, meet some people who share your passion for bringing out the beauty of your home.

Colorful tile


There's something special about seeing colors in a natural setting, not on a web site. We could post pictures of a seemingly endless number of colors on our site. However, there's nothing like seeing a color up close and personal. The depth and vibrance of a color can only be experienced in person. That's what our showroom does for you.

Textured carpet


Something that can be experience only in person is texture. Whether it's handscraped hardwood or unglazed ceramic tile, the only way to truly know the texture is to feel it for yourself. We have everything we sell available for you to touch and feel to make sure that it is really what you want.



The staff at Colorado Flooring Connection share your passion for beautifying your home. We want to hear about your project and help you to find the right materials and colors to enhance your living space. We'll listen to you and guide you through the process.

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Colorado Flooring Connection is based in Denver, Colorado, with our showroom near the Platte River. With decades of experience in all aspects of flooring; from installation to maintenance to disaster recovery, we set ourselves apart from the competition. We are proud to live in Colorado and know the unique needs of the residents of this beautiful state.