When you want elegance, you want granite.

One of the things most homeowners have in common is granite. Whether in their kitchen, bathroom or both, granite gives an air of elegance to the room. Since each slab of granite is unique, your granite is definitely yours and no one else's.

Manufacturers and fabricators


Since granite is a natural product, it wasn't manufactured as other products in your home (such as the carpet). However, it does need to be fabricated. At Colorado Flooring Connection, we make sure that the granite you purchase for your home is cut right the first time.

Granite colors

Colors & Styles

Granite comes in many different colors and patterns from which you can choose. There are also different types of stone which may also appeal to you. The staff at Colorado Flooring Connection will explain to you the difference and listen to you to find the stone that works best for you.

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Granite materials


Granite, marble, onyx, soapstone, quartz and other natural stone all have their unique characteristics and uses. For instance, granite and marble may look similar, but marble is not well suited for the kitchen, while granite is. The staff at Colorado Flooring Connection can help you assess your needs and what works best for you.

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Colorado Flooring Connection is based in Denver, Colorado, with our showroom near the Platte River. With decades of experience in all aspects of flooring; from installation to maintenance to disaster recovery, we set ourselves apart from the competition. We are proud to live in Colorado and know the unique needs of the residents of this beautiful state.